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Copy Chief Radio Podcast – Ep 77 – The Remarketing Generator

Today I’ve got veteran copywriter Matt Ambrose on the show. Matt helps clients land pre-qualified leads without spending boatloads of cash on Facebook and Google ads. And he does it using his “Remarketing Generator” method on the internet’s #2 search engine—YouTube.

As Matt explains in the interview, you can quickly use YouTube to “warm up” your cold traffic before transitioning to your sales message…listen to to the podcast

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Just Add Hustle Podcast – Ep 21 – Matt Ambrose On 4 Common Copywriting Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

If you’re starting a writing business, you’re going to make mistakes.  It’s what you learn from these mistakes — and how you bounce back from them — that determines how far you’ll go as a writer. Today’s guest knows a thing or two about bouncing back from mistakes.

His name is Matt Ambrose and he’s been a full-time copywriter for more than a decade. These days, Matt runs his copywriting business from exciting locales like Malta or Krakow, Poland. He’s in demand and works with great clients...Listen to the podcast

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Interview – How To Start At Zero And Succeed As A Freelance Copywriter – Matt Ambrose

My recommendation would be to focus on direct response from day one. Following Gary Halbert’s sage advice on becoming a copywriter is a great start. Then read Breakthrough Advertising ten times while taking copious notes, practice writing your own sales pages for Clickbank products, and when you’ve got some conversion stats apply to be someone’s copy cub…Read the Interview

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Working Writers: Matt Ambrose (

Matt came to my attention in the early days of the Underground (he’s one of the earlier UK copywriting bloggers), and since then he’s moved to the small Mediterranean island of Malta, where he takes every sun-drenched opportunity to taunt those living in less temperate locations. For that, I will eventually hunt him down and kill him….Read more