Some Ballpark Figures on Rates

I charge per project, and can only quote accurately after a strategy call to work out what’s needed to achieve your profit goals.

However, to ensure we’re playing in the same ballpark, here’s what I typically charge:

– Consultation: $1,000 (if I cant add $10k to your business I’ll refund the fee)

– 30 x emails: $5,000

– 6 Facebook ads (2 long, 4 short): $2,000

– Long presell advertorials with 5 x headlines + 3 x leads: $1,000

– Short advertorials: $500

– Full length sales letter/VSL script: $10,000

– Complete funnel, with presell advertorials, upsell pages, checkout page and followup emails: $15,000

Matt Ambrose - Natural Health Copywriter

If those rates haven’t caused you to fall off your chair, book a strategy call and let’s get the ball rolling on growing your customer base and profits: