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Ultimate Chatbot Copywriting Strategy for Generating Sales from Messenger

Discover how to create a fun, engaging chatbot for generating leads and sales through Facebook Messenger

Chatbot copywriting turns Messenger into a persuasive salesman
Chatbot copywriting turns Messengers into a persuasive salesman


Some marketers say they’re passing fad. 

Others, who are generating huge lists of chatbot subscribers for pennies on the dollar, say different.

They know that chatbots typically get open rates of over 80% and a CTR of over 50%. So they’re gleefully using them to share their lead magnets, articles, blogs, and presell pages, while getting response rates that make email marketers weep.

So you can’t blame them for keeping this tactic to themselves. 

Because once the secrets out, and the floodgates open, Facebook Messenger will get saturated and its power will wane.

This is why it’s vital to invest in chatbot copywriting and getting yours setup while their effectiveness is at its peak.

Chatbot Copywriting Isn’t the Same as Email

BUT… creating a chatbot for your Facebook page or for lead gen is no walk in the park. 

Facebook has set up an assault course of compliance hoops to jump through. Try to skip them and you can expect your chatbot to be banhammered to smithereens.

What’s more, chatbot copywriting isn’t the same as penning emails. People aren’t used to them. Some are even a little afraid. So your chatbot’s gotta be fun, brimming with personality, and generous gifs if people are going to warm to it and click its links. 

The good news is you don’t have to work all of this out for yourself. Because I’ve spent a lot of time researching best practices, testing out startegies, and developing best practices for chatbot copywriting.

Whatbots Are AMAZING For Lead Generation

When I reveal how many problems using chatbots for lead gen solves it’s INSANE.

They’re have open rates that are FOUR TIMES higher than email and a clickthrough rate with the potential to generate hundreds of thousands extra in sales.

But… first you’ve got to get people subscribed to your chatbot for this whole strategy to work.

So whats the best way to do it?

Well, a year ago all you needed to do was run a Facebook ad offering a free gift to anyone who commented. They’d then be automatically subscribed as a result.

But Facebook has since decreed that this tactic is blatant bribery. If it’s in a good mood, all it will do is throttle traffic to your ad. But on a bad day you may get banned altogether.

Another option is to pose a controversial question and ask for feedback in the comments. This can work. But there’s a third, and in my view far superior, option…

Chatbot Copywriting for a Messenger Quiz!

That’s right. 

You can run quizzes right in the walled garden of Messenger. What that means is there’s no need to build a quiz on a separate website, worry about poor loading times, or people bailing after only 3 questions.

Because here’s the best part… they only have to press ONE button to become a subscriber. That’s it!

And it gets better…

  • You can tag people’s answers and segment them straight away
  • You can give them a score that also grades them as leads
  • Prequalify them as customers for your service
  • You can integrate the quiz with your email platform and offer them a reward in exchange for joining your list in ONE CLICK

People love quizzes too! They can get a diagnosis of how vulnerable they are to a particular problem, discover what type or category they fall into, and even get scores they can share with friends and fans.

For us marketers, quizzes also help to build a prospects desire in finding a solution to a problem and to build intrigue in finding a solution.

Sounds great, right?

Buuut, creating quizzes can be fiddly to get right. 

You need to know:

  • What questions to ask that address a customer’s problem without upsetting Facebook
  • How many to ask to get the perfect balance between completions and abandonment
  • How many options to give for each question
  • How to convert their answers into a diagnosis that makes sense
  • How to reward customers for a successful completion that keeps them subscribed to the bot and not blocking it in frustration

Those are all basic questions any quiz builder knows the answers to. Where it gets completed is knowing HOW to build the quiz in the first place.

This is where Manychat comes in.

Chatbot Copywriting for Manychat

Manychat is a drag-and-drop chatbot builder. You can use it to create onboarding and upsell sequences for visitors to your Facebook page, as well as quizzes. 

You can also create Facebook ad campaigns to promote your quizzes directly in Manychat, and then submit them to Facebook for approval.

If you’re new to Facebook ads, creating ads that get approved, generate high engagement, and convert can be a slow, expensive process. 

The good news is Facebook’s ad algorithm has got a lot smarter in recent years. And the amount of ad variations and testing you need to do is a lot less.

6 Step Chatbot Copywriting Checklist 

Here are my cast iron tips for creating high converting Facebook Messenger Ads:

  1. Make your ad look like a friend’s post – People use Facebook for fun, entertainment, and to engage with friends, not to view ads. So try to make yours look like a friend’s post, with a suitably REAL looking photo to match.
  1. Make it shareable – Facebook LOVES to see engagement on its site. And this applies to its ads. Creating ads people want to share means more traffic and lower click costs. What’s the best way to create ads people want to share? Discuss a topic that gives people an ‘A ha!’ moment and makes them feel smart for sharing it. This could be an ad that shares research on how expensive probiotic supplements barely work or why calorie counting triggers the ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin. Create ads that plugin the conversations people are having and let ‘word of mouse’ do the rest.
  1. Target broad audience of millions – Targeting specific pages is a great way of narrowing down your audience. But in competitive markets, you’re going to be targeting the same audiences as tons of other people. So the click costs will be high. Aim for an audience of 1m+ instead and let Facebook find people for you.
  1. Less competition on messages objective – If you do a quick tour of the messages box of popular pages you’ll find very few have Messenger bots setup yet. So the market is wide open. And less competition means lower costs for Facebook Messenger ads… for now.
  1. Target deeper than job title – Find out what other interests your target audience has other than what they do 9-5. You can find out by entering a Facebook page popular with your target customer in Audience Insights. 
  1. Test and optimise – Following these tips will improve your chances, but they’re no guarantee. So test a few ads for a week, analyse why some perform better than others, cut the losers, then test again the following week. Just $10 a day is enough for testing before you scale.

Following these tips will fast track your progress to creating a high converting Facebook Messenger quiz ad.

So let’s say everything’s going to plan and your quiz is generating subscribers at a profitable rate. So now it’s all about the followup.

And this is where the beauty of chatbots starts to shine.

Chatbot Copywriting for Upsell Sequences

Like I said at the start, the big advantage of chatbots over email are the skyhigh open rates and clickthroughs. So you want to ensure you’re able to take advantage and not blow your chances with a poor quality chatbot experience that makes people unsubscribe.

Here’s how to do it…

Just like you would with an email sequence, you want to continue developing the relationship.

  • Ask them questions so you can tag and segment them. 
  • Offer them free gifts (and gifs) to get them on your email list (just in case Facebook suddenly decides to ban marketers from Messenger altogether). 
  • Share links to your articles and blogs.

Then when the time is right, make them an offer.


There are a few rules of engagement to follow:

  1. 24 + 1 rule – When someone interacts with your bot you have a 24 hour window to send them promotional messages. After that, you can only send ONE more commercial message. The rest MUST be non-commercial. So no sending vouchers and promotions… but you can still direct them to blogs and articles. 
  1. Facebook Page has to be approved To protect people from Messenger spam, you now have to request permission from Facebook to send your subscribers ongoing messages. Luckily, it’s not too much of a headache to apply and get approved when you word your answers in a non-salesy way that keeps people on Messenger (more info here). 
  1. Sponsored Messages – If you want to send promotional messages after 24+1 you should use ‘Sponsored Messages’.

Follow those 3 cast iron rules and you’re golden to keep messaging subscribers for days, weeks, and months into the future. And continue converting them into customers, over and over again.

Four Pillars to High Quality Chatbot Copywriting

Guess what, if the conversation with your chatbot sucks people will unsubscribe in their droves. 

The good news is there are a few simple chatbot copywriting rules to follow to create bots people will be happy to engage with:

  1. Have a Personality

You’re only a finger flick away from having your messages ignored. So keep them short, punchy, and like a conversation with a friend. So ask plenty of questions and give them clearly worded buttons to respond. And offering them a free gift early on is a great way of putting the ‘rule of reciprocity’ into action.

The first few messages should also set expectations on what’s to come. Tell them about the messages you’ll be sending, how many, and check they’re happy to receive them. 

2. Let Them Leave When they Want To

I know telling people how to unsubscribe seems counterproductive.

After you’ve invested all that time and money getting them onto your list, it’s painful to see them go.

But if you make it confusing or difficult for them to leave, they’ll most likely flag your bot as spam and a Facebook ban will swiftly follow. 

So remind them regularly to enter STOP in the chat if they want out at any time. However, you can still use humour and gifs to make a last ditch pitch to keep them onboard.

Also try to avoid ‘dead ends’ in the conversation. This is where the sequence ends abruptly and they realise they’re chatting to a bot. Then then illusion is shattered and unsubscribes will follow.

3. Treat Them Like a Friend

Treat your Messenger Subscribers with the same love and care as your Facebook friends and email list. 

Be generous in rewarding them with gifts and gifs, make it easy for them to get questions answered, run competitions, set them challenges, and keep things fun.

4. Give Your Bot a Brain

We’re still a long way from Messenger Bots having the IQ of Suri. So until they get an upgrade, setup automated responses for common keywords and questions you expect people to post in the chat. 

Looking for a Chatbot Copywriter? Get in Touch!

So there you go. 

Everything you needed to know about copywriting for chatbots and using them to generate leads, customers, and repeat sales.

You now have all the information you need to get started. Or if you’d like some help getting yours setup or to create the entire chabot strategy for you, get in touch.

To get started, please answer these questions so I can ensure we’re a good fit. I’ll then assess your answers and be in touch to setup a Discovery call to discuss your project and how I can help:

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