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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

How do you work?

  • I only work on quality products and services I believe in, and solve a customer’s problem in a new or better way.
  • I assess your needs and what are the KPIs we need/want to reach, either via questionnaire or Skype call
  • I conduct an analysis of the market and competition to find a ‘Big Idea’ that will separate our product/service from the mass market and enable us to charge accordingly.
  • I’ll submit my analysis to you on our strategy and deliverables needed to achieve our KPIs.
  • We launch the campaign
  • We track and optimize the campaign to meet our KPIs

How do I charge?

  • Based on the deliverables needed and our goals, I charge a project fee.
  • I’ll send you a purchase order and agreement outlining my terms, which you can sign digitally
  • 50% of this is due upfront and the balance upon completion.
  • I no longer accept Paypal due to their outrageous fees (2.9% upfront + 2.5% currency conversion). My preferred payment method is Transferwise. I can send you an invoice via email and you simply enter your card details or swift code.

What service quality can I expect?

  • I don’t just hand you the copy and wish you the best. I want to be your long-term partner in growing your business and achieving your profit goals.
  • I’ve helped international brands (e.g. Siemens, Technicolor and Deutsche Post) and millionaire internet marketers to grow their brand and revenue. I can provide you with the same marketing expertise for the fraction of what a traditional agency would charge.
  • I always deliver on time and deliver copy in stages so you can feel confident about how the campaign is progressing.

How does the copywriting process work?

After all the paperwork formalities are taken care of, I’ll roll up my sleeves and get down to the business of researching your product, performing a competitor analysis to identify your USPs and how to pitch your product in a way that will help it stand out. Afterwards, I may send you a brief questionnaire to clarify any questions I might have or for more details that may need to be included.

I’ll then lock myself in my study to work on the first draft. Once this is ready, I’ll email it over for your review and feedback.

I always aim to nail copy in the first draft. But if changes are needed just let me know and I’ll action them in the next version and any subsequent versions until I’ve created marketing copy that projects your product in an inspiring glow that will send prospects delirious and eager to buy. That’s the plan, anyway.

How do I know if you’re any good?

You can read plenty of testimonials from previous clients on this website. You can also read samples of emails, websites, articles, press releases and other copywriting I’ve done in my portfolio. If you’d like to see anything related to your project, please just ask and it will be provided.

If it’s a big project, then I may be willing to provide a sample for free so you can see exactly what you can expect to get. I’d much rather demonstrate what I can do, then try to convince you with a hard sell. I can’t make any promises though, and can only offer free samples if my workload permits.


I’m based in San Diego, can you write for me?

Meeting face to face is useful, but it’s not essential.

I’ve written for clients throughout the UK, as well as companies in Hong Kong, Australia and the US. So I can provide you with copywriting services wherever you are in the world.

Along with your location, your industry type isn’t a barrier. I’ve written for clients in B2B, tech, industrial manufacturing, natural health, survival, luxury goods and services, beauty, hypnotherapy and even cake decorations. So I can get embedded in whatever market you operate in and identify the triggers that will motivate people to buy.

Did I answer your questions? If not, get in touch: