Book a Consultation

If you’re not sure exactly what your copy requirements are, coming up with a strategy is the first step.

On an initial “discovery” call we can discuss your existing strategy, what’s working, what isn’t and your growth ambitions.

After the call I’ll conduct a “market awareness & conversion audit” into your business and the marketplace.

We can then discuss my findings in a “infrastructure audit” call and my recommended strategy to achieve your growth goals.

Please note that this is a paid service, charged hourly, comprising of:

  • 1 hour “discovery” call
  • 1 hour to provide a “market awareness & conversion audit”
  • 1 hour post-consultation “infrastructure audit”

Total time: 3 hours

Your investment: $300

I’ve helped clients generate over one million dollars from my combined copy and strategic planning. So this initial investment can pay for itself many times over. Rather than treading water, you’ll have a strategy that can open doors and create new pathways towards growing your business much faster than you are now.

“Matt has worked on a number of projects for A4D, writing VSLs, advertorials and landing pages. This includes a VSL for the PowerChute golf training aid which, after some fine tuning, is on course to be a million dollar selling promotion.” – Jason Akatiff, A4D