Matthew Ambrose – Direct Response Copywriter

Pulling the levers behind the curtain at The Copywriter’s Crucible is Matt Ambrose. He’s the agency’s head copywriter, founder and the person responding to your emails and keeping projects on track.

He started the company back in May 2006 after a misadventure in the corporate world. It was during an interview for a buyer’s position, with a leading UK retailer, that Matt realised the pursuit of money wasn’t enough. What he really wanted was to live by his wits and wordprocessor.

So after brushing up his copywriting skills, assembling a portfolio and signing up his first few clients, Matt took the leap into copywriting full-time. He’s never looked back since.

Matt’s lucid writing style and ability to find the hook that gets readers agitated and eager to buy enabled him to grow his reputation and client list fast.

Now with nearly ten years under his belt, Matt counts major international tech brands, one of Europe’s leading engineering companies and a few household brands as satisfied customers.

Along with getting engaging copy that hits the bullseye on the first draft, clients love working with Matt because of his his marketing savvy. Whether it’s driving traffic, creating a four step generation strategy or deploying the latest inbound marketing tactics, Matt is a walking arsenal of marketing tactics that get results.

Matt’s blog, The Copywriter’s Crucible (from which his company inherited its name) is also regularly rated as one of the best resources for aspiring copywriters and business owners that want to create marketing which customers devour every word.

To find out more about Matt you can connect with him on LinkedIn. Or if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, get in touch with some details about your project. You can expect to hear from Matt within 24 hours with a proposal on how he can generate more leads for your business with his combination of captivating copy and smart marketing strategy:
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