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An interview with Matt Ambrose

Why did you become a copywriter?

From a young age I always dreamed of being able to write for a living. Creative writing was my forte at school, and I savoured every chance to get reactions from people with my writing.

Unfortunately, making money was a bigger attraction early in my career, and I somehow found myself in the corporate world working for one of the UK’s leading home retailers. While I gained some valuable insights of the business environment, I quickly learned that climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t for me. Instead I yearned to live by my wits and wordprocessor, and so The Copywriter’s Crucible was born in 2006.

The Copywriter’s Crucible? That’s a funny name for a copywriting business?

When I started out I first called myself The Write Words – not exactly original. I then found out about blogging and how great it was for SEO, and before you can say ‘Cluetrain Manifesto’ The Copywriter’s Crucible blog was born – a melting pot of marketing stories welded together and poured out for readers to use to improve their marketing.

This brand soon overtook The Write Words in terms of recognition, and so I decided to run with it as my company name. It’s a name that both embodies my business’ values and helps to standout in an industry filled with double barrelled agency names, which may sound impressive to some but, in my opinion. have no real meaning.

Anything else people should know about your services?

There’s plenty of copywriters offering words. Where I differentiate myself is that I’m an ‘added value’ copywriter and offer services beyond just copywriting. Whether you’d like to refresh your website, to have a smart new brochure designed or need advice on social media, I can help.

Growing your business is, after all, my ultimate goal when you hire me to write for you.

What do you do for kicks?

When not gazing out of windows or hammmering on my laptop in coffee shops like I’m playing Daley Thompson’s Decathlon (yes, I’m an 80’s child), I can be seen bombing around mountain bike trails or wandering around the countryside of whichever country I currently call home.