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An interview with Matt Ambrose


Why did you become a copywriter?

Whether it was writing short stories at school, delicately structuring my arguments in university essays or using words to get the response I needed in the workplace, I’ve always had what is described as a way with words.

But, like many people, I initially chased the money when starting my career, and found myself in the world of corporate finance. But once my debts were paid off, I realised that just showing up to earn money wasn’t a ladder in life I wanted to be on.

I’d always yearned to be able to write for a living. So after developing my skills, getting a portfolio together and finding some clients, I decided to jump headfirst into copywriting, going freelance full-time.

The Copywriter’s Crucible? That’s a funny name for a copywriting business?

When I first started out I called myself The Write Words – not exactly original, but does what it says on the tin.

After finding out about the benefits of blogging, I started a blog called The Copywriter’s Crucible – a melting pot of copywriting tips and marketing advice, welded together and poured out for readers to make practical use of.

The blog rapidly took off, attracting readers, a nomination for the top 10 blogs for writers award and brand recognition that soon overtook that of The Write Words moniker. So rather than have a business with a split personality, I decided to sacrifice one brand identity so the other could survive.

Over the years, I’ve realised that putting my faith in The Copywriter’s Crucible brand name was a smart choice. It’s a name that embodies what I do as a welder of words and helps me stand out in an industry filled with double barreled agency names, chosen in my view to sound impressive rather than to communicate any real meaning.

Anything else people should know about your services?

There are plenty of copywriters offering words. Where I differ is that I’m an ‘added value’ copywriter and offer services beyond just words alone. Whether you’d like to refresh your website, to get a brochure designed or to join the inbound marketing revolution, I can help.

Growing my clients’ businesses is my ultimate goal. And I’m happy to help them in any way I can with the highest quality and highest converting marketing in the industry.

What do you do for kicks?

When not gazing out of windows or hammering on my laptop in coffee shops, like it’s a caffeine fueled game of Daley Thompson’s Decathlon (yes, I’m an 80’s child), I can be seen bombing around on mountain bikes through the countryside of whichever country I currently call home.

Get in touch with Matt and his team at The Copywriter’s Crucible for a no-nonsense proposal on how they can improve your existing marketing and generate more leads with the ‘welding of words’ that can be created in their melting pot: