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An interview with Matt Ambrose

Why did you become a copywriter?

People have often said I have ‘a way with words’. Whether it was writing short stories at school or epic emails about my exploits abroad, I’ve always enjoyed using words to paint pictures in people’s minds and to get a response. After abandoning a misjudged climb up the corporate ladder, getting paid to write was an easy decision.

The Copywriter’s Crucible? That’s a funny name for a copywriting business?

When I started out in 2006 I called myself ‘The Write Words’ – not exactly original but it did what it said on the tin. I then found out about blogging and how great it was for SEO, and before you can say ‘Cluetrain Manifesto’ The Copywriter’s Crucible blog was born – a melting pot of marketing stories welded together and poured out for readers to take away and use to improve their own marketing efforts.

Nourished with a weekly diet of keywords, the blog grew, gaining readers and links at a steady pace. After a few months, it managed to gain top spot in Google for my keywords, the only problem was that prospective clients landed on my blog rather than my business’ home page. So rather than have a website with a split personality, one identity had to die so the other could survive.

Anything else people should know about your services?

There’s plenty of copywriters offering words. Where I differentiate myself is that I’m an ‘added value’ copywriter and offer services beyond just copywriting. Whether you’d like to refresh your website, to have a smart new brochure designed or need advice on social media, I can help.

Growing your business is, after all, my ultimate goal when you hire me to write for you.

Why are you throwing an apple in the air?

I’ve had three attempts to get professional looking photos done and never been happy with the result. If you’ve ever seen the episode of Friends where Chandler needs to get his photo done, you’ll know what I’m talking about. A case of ‘photophobia’, if that’s a word.

What do you do for kicks?

When not hammering at my laptop in coffee shops like an alphabet infused game of Daley Thompson’s Decathlon (yes, I’m an 80′s child), I can be seen scrambling up rock faces or wandering around the countryside of the small Mediterranean island of Malta.

Being able to work abroad was always a yearning from day one of my adventure into freelancing. And with flights cheaper than some people’s commute, I’ve found the island the perfect spot to continue writing for the UK market. If you ever find yourself on the island, feel free to get in touch for a tour of Sliema.