Yours truly with Mr John “One Legged Golfer” Carlton

Like many copywriters, my path into the madcap marketing world began after abandoning the suffocating corporate world to live by my wits and wordprocessor. I quit working for the man back in 2006.

For the first 8 or so years I focused on B2B tech, writing for tech giants (Siemens, Technicolor and Micro Focus) and global telecoms companies I’m not allowed to name.

Then in 2015 I decided to roll up my sleeves and put my writing abilities to the test by jumping into the trenches of direct response B2C.

I now write for media buying agencies and entrepreneurs across the world, including Jump 450, Jumbleberry and the renowned natural health marketer known simply as Yegyan.

My biggest win to date is the PowerChute gold VSL, which made a cool $1m for A4D (and I’ve heard Jason even presents my VSL as a case study at conferences). I’m now hoping to smash that record any day now, in either natural health or in promoting financial newsletters.

Maybe I’ll do it for you?

If your conversion rates are tanking, book a consultation. I’m always full of ideas on how to turn a struggling campaign into a conversion monster.

Shooting the breeze with living legend Mr Drayton Bird

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