soccer coaching long form sales letter

Direct Response Copywriting – World Class Coaching

World Class Coaching is recognised as the premier supplier of quality soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. They asked me to put together a sales letter to promote their new eBook packed with drills and exercises to help coaches train their teams to play in the ‘tiki taka’ style like one of the most dominant sides in world football.

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behavioural economics copywriting mind tricks

The Secrets of Hypnotherapy – Direct Response Copywriting

Hypnotherapy is used by millions of people every year to treat psychological issues, such as depression and phobias, and to change their thought patterns to help them give up smoking, lose weight or even gain confidence.

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website copywriting for consultancies

Mercury Translations – Website Copywriting

The copywriting we provided for Mercury Translations’ website makes it clear from the first line that it isn’t your run-of-the-mill translations agency. Rather, it offers the specific experience and expertise essential for a reliable patent and legal translations service.

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tourism website copywriting

The Malta Experience – Website and Brochure Copywriting

The Malta Experience commissioned The Copywriter’s Crucible to provide copy for both its website and brochure. Translated into multiple languages, the copy plays an instrumental role in encouraging visitors to make The Malta Experience their first stop on a cultural and historical tour of the islands.

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Treston – Press Release Copywriting for Manufacturing

We provided Treston with a series of press releases to raise awareness of their products’ key advantages. Each highlighted the ways in which their industrial furniture helped to lower absenteeism, reduce rates of product failure and saved manufacturers money over the long-term.

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retail press release copywriting

Action Storage – Press Release Copywriting

We provided a press release that both highlighted their installation service and also their ability to manage large scale projects within limited time frames. Along with writing the press release, we also submitted the release to PRWeb on Action Strorage’s behalf for distribution to relevant journalists throughout Europe.

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website copywriting for a bank

Izola Bank – Website Copywriting

Izola Bank Izola Bank is a niche bank with two core markets in Malta and Belgium. In Malta it differentiates itself through offering appealing rates on fixed rate deposits to business owners, while in Belgium it offers specialised banking services
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HMS header

Harmony Marine Shipbrokers – Website Copywriting

[vc_single_image img_size=”full” image=”3288″ align=”center” img_link=””] Harmony Marine Shipbrokers Like many industries, shipbrokering suffers from having too many people that are great at selling but not so clued up on the actual day-to-day issues its customers face at the coalface, or
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Micro Focus – Cobol: No Barriers brochure copywriting

Micro Focus wanted to promote the global launch of its application development tool, Visual Cobol R3, with a new brochure, website and video. The timeframe? One week.

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Technicolor – Media Services brochure copywriting

[vc_single_image img_size=”full” image=”3086″ align=”center”] Technicolor – Media Services Technicolor, a global leader in the home entertainment industry, wanted a brochure to promote its post production services to film studios. Highlight the complexity of managing digital media libraries inhouse. Explain why
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