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Persuasive Writing eBook Released – The Art of Using Words to Convince, Compel and Sell

Three months and several rewrites later, my eBook on persuasive writing has finally been released. It comprises of all the posts from my recent persuasive writing series, and a couple more to fill in the gaps.

Experienced copywriters won’t discover anything new. But I’m hoping the eBook will be useful for visitors looking for advice on how to make their sales writing more compelling (or to consider hiring me to write it for them).

It’s underlying theme is that showy writing isn’t sales writing: you need to focus on what the reader wants, rather than use elaborate, long words and marketing cliches in a misguided attempt to sound impressive. And that you need to motivate the reader’s emotional triggers if you want them to buy.

No signup is required, so the eBook can run free and, hopefully, help people discover how to use words to convince, compel and sell:

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