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Top 3 Takeaways from Copy Accelerator Live

Last week Copy Accelerator held its biannual live event, which you could also watch online.

Over two days we were presented with the daunting picture of what it takes to be successful in the super competitive world of direct response.

Here are my top three takeaways:

  1. Do everything possible to max AOV to have any hope of being profitable

Hook up customer service teams to your order forms, make congruent upsell offers on the Thank You page and send offers in the packaging.

  1. Test believable and relatable personal stories as leads

After changing his lead from “Whistleblower reveals loophole in the credit system that can help you raise your scores” to “How a California mom changed her credit score from 588-791 in 80 days” one high level marketer trebled his ROAS in one day.

  1. Dial down your claims to match today’s cynical consumer

Making bigger claims may have worked 10 years ago. But a decade of fake news, excessive hype on the internet and being burnt by too many under delivering products has created extreme distrust in today’s consumer.

So the smarter (and compliant) approach is to dial down your claims so they’re realistic. Rather than offer superhuman results, offer a decent recent that is achievable. The FTC will like you a lot more for it too.

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