John Carlton’s Copywriting Course – Review

The John Carlton’s Copywriting Course is for those who are serious about taking their skills, knowledge and pay rate to the next level.

Previously, I’ve talked about how much I love the Copyhour copywriting course. Writing out classic sales letters, emails and direct response ads is a proven technique for evolving your copywriting brain. It puts you inside the minds of greats, like Joe Karbo, Gary Bencivenga and Joseph Sugarman, and to get a feeling and a heightened awareness for the thought process that structured their writing.

As you tell, I think Copyhour is great. But it’s not for everyone. The only guidance you get is through the daily emails introducing each assignment. Sometimes you need direct feedback from an expert to really raise your game.

John Carlton’s copywriting course is called The Simple Writing System and is one of the most highly respected copywriting courses on the interwebs for those who want to learn directly from the best in the business.

Why? I’ll give you three quick reasons…

Why You Should Take John Carlton’s Copywriting Course

1) It’s produced by John Carlton – One time partner in crime to copy legend Gary Halbert, Carlton is a 30 year veteran and one of the most sought after direct response copywriters on the planet. He’s generated millions of dollars for the entrepreneurs, internet marketers and traditional business owners who recognise the link between quality copy and an elegant upward curve in their profit line.

2) You get direct feedback from Carlton and his stable of conversion tested copy dogs – Want a copywriter of the caliber of David Deutsch (the genius behind many controls for Boardroom and Phillips Publishing) critiquing your copy? Then this is the course for you. You’d have to pay a minimum of $500 to get one of these folks to review your copy if contacted privately. You can get it without paying a dime more when you signup for the course.

3) The testimonials are a roll call of six figure marketers – Rich Schefren, Tom Venuto and Peter Marshall are just three high profile endorsements for the course. In fact, they directly attribute part of their success in growing six figure businesses thanks to the sales psychology and copywriting skills they developed through the Simple Writing System.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, maybe it is.

Why John Carlton’s Copywriting Course Isn’t for You

If you’re serious about taking your copywriting skills to the next level, John Carlton’s copywriting course is indeed a staircase that can get you there. But be warned, as with Copyhour, it’s not for everyone.

If any of these sound familiar you might want to give it a miss:

1) Money is an issue – The Simple Writing System isn’t cheap. If you don’t have the budget to spend on training of this level, there’s no shortage of quality copywriting books on Amazon to keep you busy. Just remember that you wont get any feedback on your work or be able to tell future clients that you studied the art of copywriting under John Carlton.

2) You’ve an eggshell ego – If you’ve watched any of Carlton’s presentation on writing copy or listened to his podcast, you’ll know that Carlton pulls no punches. If you’re copy is limp, dull and best suited for curing insomnia, Carlton will tell you so. You can expect the same ‘no nonsense’ advice from the rest of his team, who all experienced the benefit of tough love in their early careers.

3) You’re happy with your current income – If you’ve already achieved the six figure with the simple act of applying fingers to keyboard, studying the Simple Writing System might not be necessary. It’s likely you’ve already devised a system for creating winning video scripts, sales letters and lead generating emails that smash every split test they enter. Congratulations! Maybe you should give Carlton a call to offer your services as a tutor for next year’s course?

As you can see, the Simple Writing System is a serious investment, in both money and effort. The good news is that for this week only Carlton is offering a FREE introductory mini course. It’s like an appetizer if you’re not ready to devour the whole thing.

In this mini-course you’ll discover a delicacy of Carlton’s copywriting secrets, tactics and techniques honed over three decades of generating millions of dollars for clients. What’s more, you’ll get a video of his now infamous presentation at Frank Kern’s Mass Control Summit and, best of all, you’ll get the same feedback from Carlton and his team as though you’d slapped down the normal entrance fee, paid in full.

Remember, Carlton’s FREE mini-course and introduction to his Simple Writing System is only available this week only. Then you’ll have to pay the full price to get direct access to Carlton and his team of expert copywriting tutors.

So stop reading this right now! Head on over and sign up now before Carlton’s closes the doors for another year:

Get John Carlton’s FREE mini-course


Yes, you guessed it, being the smart reader that you are, I’m an affiliate for John Carlton’s Copywriting Course, the Simple Writing System. Should you signup for the whole course and prefer I don’t get any commission click on this link instead.

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