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RMBC Method Review – Can it Really Help You Earn $50k Writing Sales Letters in 3 days?

In my RMBC Method review I cover how it works and if it really can enable you to write high converting sales letters in 3 days, and charge $50k per letter.

Writing sales letters used to be an arcane art… shrouded in mystery.

Legendary copywriters would spend 4-6 weeks reading around the topic… 

Walking around supermarket aisles interviewing customers… 

Flying to gin soaked client meetings… 

and sitting in a hut in a darkened forest…

until inspiration for the perfect headline struck.

Only then… and only then… would they consider putting quill to parchment.

Fast forward to today and it’s a whole new ball game.

Because, if the rumours are true, you don’t need to do any of that.

There’s a system that bends time and space to enable you to craft sales letters in as little as 3 days.

High converting sales letters too, particularly if you’re a natural health copywriter.

And no, I’m not talking about punching some keywords into a ‘Copy Robot’ for it to spew out something so jarring even Johnny 5 can’t make sense of it.


I am, of course, talking about Stefan Georgi’s RMBC method.

A step-by-step system for pumping out high converting copy in as little as 3 days.

Until now, you had to pay $34,000 to be a member of his elite Copy Accelerator group to get it.

Yet for reasons that defy the rules of capitalism… 

He’s released it to the general public at a 97% discount ($997 for non-mathemagicians).

So before he changes his mind (or his accountant convinces him to raise the price) read my RMBC Method review yonder… 

Who is Stefan Georgi? And how is he able to charge $50k for sales letters?

The first time I heard of Stefan Georgi was in an interview with 80/20 email copywriter Ian Stanley four years ago. 

An interview in which he talked about cranking out multiple sales letters a month….

And I remember snidely thinking they must be total garbage (no doubt, to safeguard my ego because I couldn’t write that fast).

Well, fast forward to today and I stand corrected.

Because Stefan Georgi is fast becoming known as the hottest copywriter alive.

Here’s why:

And due to these successes, he’s able to charge $50k per sales letter.

Pretty impressive, huh?

So he clearly didn’t release his RMBC method for the money.

As soon becomes clear when you go through it…

He did it due to his passion for the craft. And a genuine desire to help other copywriters up their game.

Something that becomes more obvious by the day, with all the extra bonuses he’s releasing.

RMBC Method Review – How the RMBC Method Works

The RMBC method is broken down into four stages: 

For each stage you get a video in which Stefan runs you through his process. 

You also get downloadable copies of all his notes and transcripts. 

For each stage you also get 3-4 demonstration videos, in which you watch over Stefan’s shoulder as he puts his process into action researching and writing sales letters from scratch. 

Stefan has also included videos of members of his elite Copy Accelerator Group (like Roman Alvarado, Joey Percia and Jeremy Reeves) as they also demonstrate how to use Stefan’s RMBC method to write high converting copy in record time.

Yet that’s not all…

You also get modules on:

Writing high impact fascinations – Also known as ‘curiosity bullets’, fascinations give readers a rapid fire list of reasons to buy the product. You can almost write an entire sales letter with fascinations alone, particularly to sell info products.

Crafting Attention-Grabbing Leads That Can’t Be Ignored – After headlines, the most vital element is the lead. In fact, you can breathe life into flagging sales letters with a proof driven new lead. Stefan gives you examples for the CBD market, dog food and a snoring device you can use as inspiration for your own offers.

Writing killer headlines – As David Ogilvy famously said, 80% read the headline before they read anything else. So it’s THE most vital element to get right. Stefan shares his 6 step checklist for writing killer headlines, without having to write hundreds out (like we’re supposed to, but few people do).

Subject lines and Ad Creatives – Get a walkthrough on Stefan’s subject line matrix, and get some punchy subject lines for emails and presells in less time.

AOV Money Close – Find out how Stefan adds 20% or more to supplement orders. He provides his 7 steps to convincing people to buy the bigger pack, along with high converting examples on how it’s done.

And then there’s the bonuses… so many bonuses:

Bonus 1 – Using the RMBC Method to Wire a New Keto Sales Letter from Scratch

Bonus 2 – Advertorials with Health Wilcock. Get Heath’s exact process to writing presells that boost CTR and conversions, including his 6 go-to advertorial styles with examples to add to your swipe file.

Bonus 3 – Big Ideas Explains, and why a big idea is VITAL to sales success

Bonus 4 – Coming Up With the Mechanism for Health Offers

Bonus 5 – Writing Facebook Ads with Mike Buontempo

Bonus 6 – Writing Mini Sales Letters, with examples for sports betting and a turmeric supplement

And those are just the bonuses at the time of writing my RMBC Method review…

Because Stefan is continuing to record new videos answering people’s questions and get more bonuses done as we speak (including a bonus video on writing emails, by Natural Health Sherpa’s Jerrod Harlan).

You gain access to all of these extra videos and bonuses via the private Facebook group.

Stefan is HUGELY active in the group right now. But that will likely change in the future as he gets drawn away to other projects.

So if you’d like to ask him questions and benefit from his experience of selling millions, check out RMBC Method right now.

RMBC Method Review – Does it REALLY make it possible to write a sales letter in 3 days?

The short answer is, yes.

There are plenty of top level VSL copywriters who vouch that they’ve written a sales letter in 3 days using the RMBC method.

The way Stefan has systemized the research phase, planning and how you structure your sales letter has made it a lot quicker to get your notes done and start writing.


These are ‘top level’ copywriters.

If you don’t have a few years of sales letter writing under your belt…

it’s unlikely what you write in 3 days is going to be oven ready.

Crafting high converting copy comes from the editing stage. And it can take a ton of drafts to get your words shipshape.

Stefan doesn’t directly teach you how to write in a compelling, persuasive way (although he gives you lots of tips).

But he DOES provide you with lots of examples you can use as inspiration on how it’s done.

So it would be a good idea to get some books on editing (Bond Halbert’s The Copywriting Method Part III is the best book I’ve read. And Scott Haines’ Shortcut Copywriting Secrets is great, if you can get hold of it).

So it may take you longer to write a compelling, high converting sales letter in 3 days. 

But I think Stefan’s RMBC method will still dramatically cut down your time frame and the quality of your output, whatever level you’re at.

RMBC Method  Review – When can I expect to start earning $50k a sales letter?

It’s a nice thought, isn’t it…

that you need only spend $997 on a copywriting course and instantly be earning $50k a sales letter within months.

Life is never that easy (how dull life would be, if it was).

Stefan’s able to charge $50k due to consistently generating 1,000% returns for his clients. 

Like I said, he had 7 of the top 10 best sellers on Clickbank at one point. And has generated untold millions for his clients in his career.

So, no.

 You can’t expect to be banking $50k per sales letter anytime soon (but I’d LOVE for you to prove me wrong).

Yet, what you can expect is to be generating significantly better conversions than you are now (unless you already consistently convert at 4-5%, in which case you have my respect)…

And with consistently higher conversions comes higher profits for clients… 

and with higher profits comes higher fees.

Leading to you potentially making your $997 investment on the RMBC Method back many times over. 

In fact, the bonus on writing advertorials alone is worth the price of entry. 

Because you can use what Heath teaches you to be charging $1,000 for a presell in little to no time (a $3 profit!).

RMBC Method Review – Who Needs it in their Life and Who Can Live Without It

There are people in the private Facebook group now using the RMBC Method to write newsletters, speeches and video documentaries. 

So it’s a multifunctional system for writing highly engaging messages in lots of different formats.

Even if you’re a B2B copywriter, writing case studies and brochures, I think you could get a ton of value from Stefan’s videos on big ideas, mechanisms and headlines.


Stefan doesn’t offer a money back guarantee. So only get it if you’re serious about putting it into action and going after higher paying clients.

The RMBC Method’s core focus is also writing high converting sales letters and VSLs.

It’s really geared for selling to emotionally charged B2C niches, like supplements, financial newsletters, survival and biz opp.

So if those are in your wheelhouse, go get The RMBC Method post-haste.

Bottom Line

Over the last few years I’ve spent close to twenty thousand dollars on various mentorships and coaching programs. 

And RMBC Method offers the best ROI by a looooong shot.

It gives you EXACT process to follow… 

tons of examples you can ‘re-engineer’ to create your own high converting promos…

And the golden ticket to writing high converting copy that can rapidly raise your fees.

In fact, in the future, if anyone asks to write for me I’ll be advising them to go through the RMBC Method… create a sales letter… run traffic to it… and get some sales.

But shoot… if you’re able to do that you never need to write for me or anyone else ever again. 

So here’s the bottom line…

Perfecting your craft takes time.

It’s a journey that never ends. 

Yet the RMBC Method gives you a rock solid foundation on which to build. 

And it shows you what it takes to research topics, assemble copy and  perform at the highest level.

Like I said, you previously had to pay $34,000 to be in Stefan’s Copy Accelerator group to get it.

Yet right now, you can get it at a 97% discount.

So if I was you, I’d go get the RMBC Method before Stefan pushes up the price or withdraws it from sale altogether to protect his own $50k per sales letter fees.

>>>Get Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method at a 97% discount while you can

Earnings disclaimer – All the links to Stefan’s RMBC Method are affiliate links. But if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I don’t post reviews very often (mayone one or two a year). I’ve paid my own good money to get it. And I think you should too.

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