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Referral Marketing Tips for Copywriters

referral marketing tips

Being the modest bunch that we are, copywriters often hate asking for referrals. Normally we’re only brave enough to ask for testimonials because we can do it from the safety of a computer screen.

We’d all love to think that when we put our heart and soul into our writing that it will, inevitably, lead to clients telling friends and colleagues about the wonderfully lucid prose now adorning their website.

But sometimes people need a little nudge.

After all, if you’re confident in the quality of your work then, your clients should be happy to tell others about it (and if they don’t, it’s because they don’t want the competition stealing you away).

So how can you ask for referrals without feeling like you’re waving a begging bowl under your clients’ noses? These tips should help:

Just ask – Sounds simple, but asking clients whether they know anyone in need of a copywriter is the obvious way of getting referrals. Consider adding it as a suggestion to the bottom of your invoices or email signatures. If it saves you from the dreaded cold calling, it’s worth a shot.

Coupons – If asking for referrals is proving ineffective, try sweetening the deal by offering a discount or article in exchange for leads. Try attaching coupons, with an introductory offer, along with your final invoice which clients can then send on to anyone they think might be in need of a copywriter. Just remember to put a different tracking code on each coupon so you know where the new business has come from.

Form alliances – If a business asks for help with a brochure, there’s a good chance they’ll need a designer, a printer and maybe even a photographer as well. So having a list of people you can refer businesses to can enable you to build up a network of preferred service providers. That way, you can scratch each other’s backs and generate extra business in the process.

Referrals can be marketing gold because they give you third party endorsement (a.k.a. social proof) and save you the rig moral of persuading prospects you’re not a cowboy and can actually write.

So, integrate referral marketing into your lead generation strategy and take advantage of the best salespeople around – your clients.

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