The Secrets of Hypnotherapy – Direct Response Copywriting

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The Secrets of Hypnotherapy

It has its cynics, but hypnotherapy is used by millions of people every year to treat psychological issues, such as depression and phobias, and to change their thought patterns to help them give up smoking, lose weight or even gain confidence.

I was asked to write a long form sales letter to promote a hypnotherapy course which people could study at home and learn how to run their own business providing relief ‘mind therapy’. The sales letter needed to achieve the following:

Build interest in the opportunity – who can benefit from hypnotherapy, the market size and expected earnings

Highlight the problem – courses you have to attend in person are expensive and time consuming

Promote the solution – the hypnotherapy course contains the same information they’d get from attending renowned hypnotherapist Jonathan Royle’s sellout seminar and covers everything they need to know on starting their own hypnotherapy business

The client was delighted, hailing the copy as ‘better than brilliant’. They were also happy that the copy presented a no nonsense proposition, without slipping into exaggerated claims or hype, and sold the product based on its real value to people wishing to start their own hypnotherapy business.

Click here to download a PDF of the long form sales letter promoting The Secrets of Hypnotherapy & Complete Mind Therapy