Email List Management + Monetization

Email list management and monetization that turns more readers into cash. Discover my 5 step strategy for generating more revenue each month from your email list.

The money is in the list.

Your list of existing customers is a goldmine just waiting to be drilled.

Particularly if you:

– Are at least breaking even on front end sales

– Have a list of over 5,000

– Aren’t already emailing your customers daily

– Are ready to turn those names into cash

No doubt about it…

Implementing an email list management and monetization strategy can mean generating additional revenue like clockwork.

And without having to launch new Facebook ads, create new products, or chasing after the next shiny object to generate new customers.

Even better…

When you start nurturing a stronger relationship with your list…

…so you can turn fence sitting prospects into hungry buyers snapping up every offer you send them…

It can mean extra money every month with which to travel the world with your family, buy a bigger house, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Here’s how we can make that happen…

The process starts with a Strategy Call to understand more about your business.

This includes looking at your front end offer, upsells, additional products, and current email strategy.

After the call, I’ll then send you a proposal outlining an email list management and monetization strategy for increasing revenue. A strategy that typically involves five key steps:

Step 1 – Buyer Persona Creation

The more specific we can get about who we’re selling to and their pain points, the more our emails will resonate. And the more your cash till will ring.

Step 2 – Offer Positioning

After understanding your customer better, we need to adjust your offer’s positioning so it’s irresistible to anyone on your list who hasn’t bought.

Step 3 – Sales Page Update

Based on the previous steps, we may need to update your current sales page. 

Because it’s vital that your offer speaks to your customers in a way that frames it as the ONLY option that can work.

Step 4 – List Nurturing

After we’ve got your positioning, offer, and sales page all dialled in, the next stage is to open up the traffic hose through your email list.

In other words, we’re going to email your list a LOT.

But not by blasting them with shallow, pushy sales messages that trigger a flood of unsubscribes and spam complaints.

No siree.

We’re going to be playing it cool.

We’re going to be sending emails with emotionally compelling stories… contrarian angles… new breakthroughs… and hacks and tips.

Emails that help to nurture connection and trust… create desire to fix unmet needs… and to nudge people to your sales page.

Emails like these…

Step 5 – Reassessment 

Based on testing & results, we’ll reassess and set you up for success in the next month.

Bottom line…

If you want more sales without spending more on ads, this strategy is for you.

With a decent list size, dialled in offer, and compelling nurturing sequence…

You can soon be generating significant sums of money month after month from customers just waiting for you to make them an offer.

How to Get the Ball Rolling

The first step to putting this strategy into action is booking a strategy call.

On the call we’ll go over your current funnel and email strategy,and goals for the next six months.

We’ll diagnose the bottlenecks holding you back.

And afterwards I’ll send you a strategic planning document outlining next steps…

And how we can get started on putting extra money in your pocket each month for your retirement fund, a villa on the Med, or to send your kids to whatever college they want.