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Latest research illustrates the continuing growth of blogs as marketing tools

It’s always satisfying when independent studies collaborate what you have been writing about for the last few months. Internet marketers have been preaching the value of blogs as marketing tools for some time; now the research figures are surfacing to support those claims.

A report by ‘Ipsos Mori’ has suggested that average Euro Joe has started trusting blogs more than TV or email. More and more people are following the US example and using blogs as sources for getting news and opinion to influence their buying decisions.

A third of those interviewed had been put off a purchase following negative comments, whilst 52% had immediately whipped out their credit card based on the advice of a fellow consumer.

As the head of technology research at Ipsos Mari, Gareth Deere, recognised, “we all trust people’s opinion in the real world. Now we’ve proven the same link online, and its having a major impact on people’s buying behaviour.”

The research reinforces the growing belief that there is a direct link between the sense of trust and integrity of blogs with the buying patterns of consumers. No more will they be brainwashed by the bombardment of daily advertising. But instead seek out and listen to the advice of their shopping comrades.

“Word of mouth is no longer restricted to close friends and family, it can have the same level of influence upon millions across the world,” hailed Deere of his research findings.

UK copywriters shouldn’t rush to hand in their resignation letter to their advertising agencies just yet though. The study also found that only 50% of those Brits interviewed even knew what a blog is. This wouldn’t be so disappointing if it wasn’t for the fact that 90% of French people were perfectly aware of the biggest publishing phenomenon since the invention of the printing press.

Blogs are certainly growing in prominence all the time. Even traditional marketers are starting to talk about engagement and trust, rather than interruption and attention grabbing. Now more UKbusinesses just need to wake up to what is going on in online world; then the usage of business blogs will surely grow.

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