The Copywriter's Crucible

How to survive the robot wars

Many guitarists start out wanting to sound like Led Zeppelin… 

But end up sounding like Kingdom Come.

What’s this got to do with writing copy?

When starting off you want to study the greats.

Read their sales letters… copy them out by hand… and try to replicate their structure and writing style.

But, in case you hadn’t heard…

The robots are coming. 

Which means relying on templates… 

Re-engineering other people’s copy…

And writing in someone else’s voice risks you getting trampled under their algorithmic boot.

Don’t settle for average.

If you’re to survive the robot wars you need to constantly cultivate your own writing style… your own ideas… your own creative flair. 

Because as the internet gets awash with copy penned by AI…

Sounding unique, fresh and unpredictably HUMAN is what will keep your career alive.

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