The Copywriter's Crucible

By the letter of the law, what I did is not a crime.

Arrested for smash-n-grab copy

By the letter of the law, what I did is not a crime.

But it still makes me cringe with guilt.

No, it wasn’t visiting my grandparents on lockdown.

Yet when I reveal it, people will be unsubscribing and deleting me from their contacts faster than lightning strikes the tree.

What am I talking about?

‘Smash’n’grab’ copy.

Headlines so outrageous they’d make the editor of the National Enquirer nervous…

Leads on ‘anti-aging breakthroughs’ that barely made the ScienceDaily sidebar…

And health claims so bombastic they’d make Dr. Oz wince.

All in the quest for readership and sales.

Sure, this stuff works.

But here’s the problem…

When customers don’t get the transformation they’d hoped for…

refund requests soon follow (or worse, a sharply worded letter from the FTC).

So what’s the answer?

Ensuring buyers get RESULTS.


With a supportive followup email sequence packed with action steps…

Accountability and mentorship in a Facebook group…

Or phone support so the journey and relationship continues long after the first order.

The most expensive customer is the first one.

So helping buyers get results not only reduces refund rates…

It’s what separates ethical brands from one shot deal ‘smash’n’grab’ operations.

I know who I’d rather be.

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