The Copywriter's Crucible

Blog theme change

Regular readers will know all about my search for a blog format that will satisfy both blog readers and business visitors. I might be attracting plenty of potential customers through the doors, but they’re not finding what they are looking for and promptly leaving.

For the latest reincarnation of The Copywriter’s Crucible I have switched from the popular Cutline theme to a three column layout called Vertigo by Brian Gardner. I chose the new theme because I think it looks more professional and allows me to communicate much more information above the fold, which should hopefully improve my sales proposition.

I now have room for a full blog feed, details explaining to visitors where they are and some nice comments I found on other sites (thanks Ponn Sabra at, Sara Scott at and DIB Marketing for your generous words). I’ve placed the comments above the fold not just to feed my own ego, but to build trust with visitors – independent recommendations are marketing gold.

I’m a lot happier with the new look and the early indications are promising, with some business visitors making it all the way to the contact page before leaving. There’s still some tweaking to be done, but I think I now have a much more professional looking shop window with a clearer path to the checkout till.

Let’s just hope my business visitors think so to.

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