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Are You Actively Promoting Your Email Copywriting Expertise? This is Why You Should…

It might be Facebook and Twitter getting all the attention these days. But there’s one old warhorse of internet marketing that continues to deliver real results – and that’s email.

It might not be as sexy as its social media cousins. But email continues to be a reliable, trusty marketing tool for building relationships, delivering special offers and attracting website visitors.

And it’s popularity is set to grow.

According to a recent survey by Campaigner (an email marketing service provider) of 259 small firms: 46% are already using email marketing, whilst a further 36% plan to start in the next year.

So based on Campaigner’s survey, if you’re not already you should start actively promoting  your email copywriting expertise.

There are three main types of marketing email businesses will need your help with:

Promotional emails – Quick fire messages offering special offers, product announcements and discounts (coupons are particularly popular in these cash starved times). Although copy requirements are minimal, you’ll still need to come up with an intriguing subject line to get it past the spam filters and read, because open rates for promo emails are typically low.

Informational email – Newsletters are fast becoming the ‘must have’ for every business serious about marketing. These offer useful tips, product news and industry insight. They’re aim is relationship building, rather than the hard sell. Businesses will want to send these out on a regular basis, and will need high quality content for each one – which is where you come in.

Inspirational email – Delivering a sales pitch in the guise of a story is a great way of looping under people’s anti-sales radar. Success stories and case studies of how a product/service has solved a problem can promotes the client’s expertise and help project it’s personality (so long as you don’t write it in the style of a backslapping press release).

So based on Campaigner’s findings, it might be a good idea to fire up an email campaign of your own – promoting how you can help businesses build relationships with prospects and convert them into customers with decades old email technology.

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