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7 Email Deliverability Tips for Getting in the Primary Tab

Last week was the penultimate call of my ‘Fast Track to A List’ mentorship program with Kim Krause Schwalm. And it was an eye opener, to say the least.

Email deliverability expert Adrian Savage joined us as a guest. Adrian has helped some major players in our industry to get more of their emails into the Primary tab. So naturally, the whole group was furiously taking down notes as Adrian shared his four step framework for getting the higher opens and juicy conversions we all covet.

Here are 7 top tips he shared:

  1. The idea that moving from one email service provider to another will improve open rates is a myth. If anything, the disruption will cause deliverability to suffer.
  2. Your content needs to sound natural and like an email to a friend. This means no direct response tactics like CAPS, weird punctuation or obvious salesy language.
  3. Use as few images as possible. Ideally, no more than one.
  4. You want a maximum of one link in your email. So the best strategy is to have the link at the end and then refer to it in earlier calls to action.
  5. The #1 thing to focus on for deliverability is engagement. So if a subscriber hasn’t opened your email for 90 days, send them a re-engagement campaign. Start by emailing them a link to the best content you have. Then send them a questionnaire type email with 3 options to click on. And then if they still havent opened, send them a final ‘Does this mean Goodbye?’ email. You can set these emails to go out automatically to ‘unopeners’ on some email platforms, like ActiveCampaign. This would also be a great package to offer clients due to the potential ROI.
  6. Getting replies is deliverability gold. Just make sure you reply to their emails in return.
  7. Signatures with lots of social media links and images can wreck deliverability. So keep your signatures super simple.

Adrian spoke for about an hour, and then we had a round of hotseats. During which Kim politely ripped apart the lead I’d been working on for my supplement VSL script. And I couldn’t be happier.  

Firstly, because it saved me wasting time and money on a VSL lead with engagement likely to fall off a cliff edge in the first minute. And secondly, because there’s nothing that raises your game more than having your copy ripped apart by a pro.

And then get this…

Kim then followed up with me after the call with further advice on how to restructure my VSL script to make it stronger. The key conclusion was to stop trying to write sales letters following a template, and to lose the training wheels and start writing every sales letter in its own unique way.

Kim’s currently accepting applications for next year’s ‘Fast Track to the A List’ mentoring program. But the Early Bird pricing ends 1st Nov. So if you want to make 2021 the year when you raised your copy game and income to the next (maybe even A list) level, I recommend checking out her mentorship program while slots are still available.

I spent years copying out sales letters and trying to learn from books and video courses. But it wasn’t until I had my copy publicly reviewed and dissected by Kim that I felt I was really making progress. 

>>>Find out more about Kim Krause Schwalm’s Fast Track to the A List mentorship program

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