Direct Response Copywriting – World Class Coaching

World Class Coaching is recognised as the premier supplier of quality soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. They asked me to put together a sales letter to promote their new eBook packed with drills and exercises to help coaches train their teams to play in the ‘tiki taka’ style like one of the most dominant sides in world football.

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behavioural economics copywriting mind tricks

The Secrets of Hypnotherapy – Direct Response Copywriting

Hypnotherapy is used by millions of people every year to treat psychological issues, such as depression and phobias, and to change their thought patterns to help them give up smoking, lose weight or even gain confidence.

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The Copywriter’s Crucible – Sales letter to B2B marketing agencies

My success hinges on my ability to sell through words. I was able to achieve this aim ]with a 10% response rate from busy marketing directors and account managers. Not too shabby.

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Promotional copy for FinanceMalta’s ‘Guide to Doing Business in Malta’

The guide’s producers, CountryProfiler, asked us to write copy for a leaflet that would be sent to Maltese financial institutions to promote the benefits of advertising in their Guide to Doing Business in Malta edition:

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Achieve Telecom Network – Distance learning sales letter

The copy was used in both a leaflet and email campaign that was sent to 1000s of prospects, and helped to generate many new enquiries for Achieve Telecom throughout North America.

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