AAH – Sign up to Trident brochure copywriting

AAH, one of the UK’s leading pharmaceuticals suppliers, needed a brochure its sales team could leave with clients after a visit. They contacted us to provide them with brochure copywriting services to get it done.

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SpheronVR’s Scanlight – Press Release Copywriting

SpheronVR’s Scanlight Spheron is a German company that manufactures high-end digital HDR camera systems for use in crime scene investigations, security, fire and tactical training and computer generated graphics in movies. They approached us to write a press release to
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Case study copywriting – Action Storage Monster Energy

[vc_single_image image=”3062″ align=”center” img_size=”full”] Action Storage – Monster Energy This case study explains how Action Storage were able to expand the storage capacity of Monster Energy’s new warehouse: Gives background information on the challenge. Explains how Action Storage managed and
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Case Study Copywriting – Technicolor – SingTel

[vc_single_image image=”2989″ align=”center” img_size=”full”] Technicolor – SingTel To reinforce its position as a leading provider of on demand TV, Technicolor wanted to produce a case study to highlight how they’re assisted SingTel, Asia’s leading communications group, in providing TV shows
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Treston blog and article copywriting

[vc_single_image image=”3089″ align=”center” img_size=”full”] Treston Industrial Furniture Treston is one of the leading technical furniture suppliers in Europe. They wanted me to provide them with articles both for SEO purposes and to educate customers on the benefits of their furniture:
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Restaurant Marketing Blogs and Article Writing

[vc_single_image image=”3071″ align=”center” img_size=”full”] Livebookings Livebookings, Europe’s largest online marketing and reservations service for the restaurant industry, asked me to help them run their blog with posts to offer restaurateurs marketing tips and to promote their brand: I research and
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bda – website copywriting

Being a marketing agency, bda wanted to ensure they were following the same advice they give to clients and blogging regularly. So they asked me to look after writing a few posts for them…

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The Copywriter’s Crucible – Sales letter to B2B marketing agencies

My success hinges on my ability to sell through words. I was able to achieve this aim ]with a 10% response rate from busy marketing directors and account managers. Not too shabby.

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Promotional copy for FinanceMalta’s ‘Guide to Doing Business in Malta’

The guide’s producers, CountryProfiler, asked us to write copy for a leaflet that would be sent to Maltese financial institutions to promote the benefits of advertising in their Guide to Doing Business in Malta edition:

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Achieve Telecom Network – Distance learning sales letter

The copy was used in both a leaflet and email campaign that was sent to 1000s of prospects, and helped to generate many new enquiries for Achieve Telecom throughout North America.

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