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How Politicians are Being Taught to Engage Online

The political world seems to be in a similar predicament to that of advertising. People have been bombarded with so much spin and deliberately ambiguous language that they have simply stopped listening to political messages. Less people now vote in

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Matt Ambrose

This viral campaign seems to be spreading like wildfire – I just hope I can find 5 bloggers to pass it on to who haven’t already been caught! I was tagged by Walter Burek from the Inklings blog. I’m a

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My blog’s name change to ‘The Copywriter’s Crucible’

After much pondering, I have finally decided to change the name of my blog. ‘SEO, Business Blogging and Copywriting UK’ just wasn’t cutting it anymore amongst all the other punchier blog names out there. The spread of broadband, increased time

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