5 email marketing types

Don’t Read this If You Are Happy Getting Mediocre Results from Email

Email marketing is the most profitable channel. See how I said that unequivocally. The reason is because study after study proves that it’s true: When it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has

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CopyHour.com –

Final Week to Register for Copyhour in 2016

What’s the best way to get good, nay, an expert at writing copy? Copy that harnesses time proven persuasive techniques, emotional storytelling and buying triggers that send conversions to the moon? You could read all the classics by Hopkins, Bly, Ogilvy, Kennedy

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HIPS – A Simple Storytelling Formula

You hear all the time that the best way to sell is with stories. They’re instantly engaging and people think they’re being entertained, rather than sold to, and their cloak of cynicism is temporarily lowered. But how do you write

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7 easy ways to increase VSL conversions

7 Easy Tweaks to Turn a VSL Dud into a Sales Rocket

My VSL campaign last week bombed – and I know why… Facebook’s targeting is now second to none. You can test campaigns for as little as $5 a day and find customers with diamond cutting precision. BUT… that doesn’t mean they’re

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7 reasons Yourvsl is not converting

7 Reasons Your VSL is NOT Converting (and how to fix them)

You’ve dropped $10k on a copywriter, another $15k on full animation and then watched in HORROR as views of your VSL fall off a cliff in the FIRST minute. It’s enough to make even the steeliest of marketers cry. Why

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4 better ways than press releases

4 Better Ways of Getting Exposure than Press Releases

Do you still write press releases for clients? If you have media contacts, it may be a worthwhile strategy. But just publishing press release in the hope they get read by the right people is about as effective as air dropping it

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top facebook advertising mistake

The #1 Facebook Advertising Mistake

Facebook has probably the best targeting of any ad platform. And it got even better with the updated ‘Custom Audiences’ and Lookalike audiences. You can now target new prospects for your blog posts or reports with precision. But creating quality content and

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4 Easy Ways of Doing Buyer Persona Research

Ever find yourself staring at a screen as blank as your brain? If so, you probably haven’t done enough research on who you’re writing to and why. Research should take up two thirds of your time. Your goal should be to

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picture of handsome man with euro and dollar bags

The 9 Word Email – The Highest Coverting Email of All Time

It’s true. If you have an email list you haven’t contacted in a while or are stubbornly refusing to respond, a nine word email is all it may take to turn silence into sales. What are those nine magical words? You

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morning routine

My Morning Routine

Morning routines are a hot topic among ‘growth hackers’ these days. And many of them get competitive over who can set their alarm clock at the most insanely early hour and pack in the most soul enriching stuff before the

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